Museum Hue



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It all started...

In 2015 Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham and Monica Montgomery, founded Museum Hue with a clear vision and mission, to create community and opportunities for creatives of color.



Museum Hue is an arts platform for people of color (African, Latin, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Native American and Pacific Island descent). We craft a welcoming, creative environment that encourages exploration, investigation, collaboration, imagination, and creation in museums throughout major cities, countrysides, and everywhere in between. Our vast cultural experiences in disparate regions: Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the islands of the sea paints a portrait of our transnational, cosmopolitan community across the globe. We curate Hueseum tours and Huenity mixers that provide authentic participation in various forms of expression as well as disrupts the homogeneity of the mainstream art world. Our presence generates further visibility of cultural institutions through a wide, ever-expanding multi-channel Hueniverse. Museum Hue is recognized as a cultural movement and structural intervention within the creative ecosystem.


Hueseum Tours

Hueseum tours create meaningful experiences for people of color in museums and other cultural enclaves. Participants engage with multiple artistic mediums used to visually communicate ideas, issues, and other expressions. They further examine works and performances on view through activities and discussion that take place directly after the presentation. The on-site exposure and first-hand accounts that the tours offer helps to demystify the arts and democratize the field. Creative practices become more accessible and relatable.


Huenity Mixers

Huenity Mixers are a fusion of a cultural party and professional networking for people of color. Attendees enjoy exciting games, storytelling and mingling. We showcase Diasporic music and spotlight contemporary dance for an insightful experience. The performances are reflective of the celebration’s theme. There are also chances to win prized artwork and objects.


Hueniversity Courses

The Hueniversity courses and workshops take place within colleges, universities, and cultural institutions. Participants learn skills to create actionable steps to interrupt historical practices of racism toward proper representation for people of color. They become conduits, pushing the message forward in board rooms, offices, galleries, etc to develop structural interventions within enclaves to have inclusive reflected in their methodologies, physical space, and language. The wealth of knowledge imparted ensures a path for greater agency, as well as fresh perspectives. These sessions endeavors to democratize the art world and demystify museum work to remove silos from cultural production. Understanding and infiltrating museums to bolster community-centered approach in the arts.