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Welcome to the Museum Hue Blog!

Museum Hue is on a mission to pipeline people of color into the museum and cultural field. We are working toward this by fostering social cohesion, well-being and economic impact for communities of color within cultural spaces and arts institutions. An important part of this work is the building and sharing of knowledge. We want to create a space for the insights, ideas, and experiences of Huers from across disciplines, institutions and geographies to live, thrive, and spur change. We hope the Museum Hue blog can serve as that space. Through the texts shared here, we hope to build community and challenge the status quo. Join the Hueversation by reading, sharing and contributing to the blog. Together we are a strong force for change in the sector! 

Stephanie A. Johnson-Cunningham, Co Founder and Creative Director of Museum Hue

Stephanie Cunningham