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Community Manager - J. Paul Getty Museum

Community Manager - J. Paul Getty Museum

The Getty is seeking an energetic and dedicated Community Manager to collaborate with the team responsible for developing Quire (, a unique open source software framework developed by the Getty to create multi-format digital books. We are entering a two-year development phase to further Quire’s utility for the Getty’s own projects and for potential adoption by other museum and academic publishers and institutions.

The Quire Community Manager will take the lead in growing and developing our nascent community of users and volunteer contributors, with a broad aim to diversify and deepen participation and eventually moving Quire to a community-supported model for long-term sustainability and growth. The Community Manager will create and implement tools and processes that foster a sense of belonging for individuals in the community and that facilitate their use of—and contributions to—Quire as an open source project. They will ensure effective and transparent communication within the community, and between the community and the core Quire team at the Getty. They will also oversee the creation and maintenance of documentation and training materials, and will organize and host Quire sharing and community-building events both online and in-person.

The Quire community manager will also become a Quire user as they dedicate some of their time collaborating with staff on a number of the Getty’s own Quire projects to better understand and address potential technical and documentation issues community members themselves might face.

This is a full-time, two-year term position, with full benefits.


Bachelor’s degree 

Three to five years professional experience in arts publishing, cultural heritage technology, or related field with a minimum of two years in community development and management.

Demonstrable experience designing and implementing processes that accomplish tasks and are easy to use.

Experience developing educational/training materials.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Demonstrable facility with some form of web technology, such as basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, or experience working with a blogging platform like WordPress or Squarespace.

Capacity to understand often complex digital tools and methods, and the ability to make them meaningful to others through explanation and teaching.

Familiarity with best practices in open source software community management as seen in resources such as The Art of Community by Jono Bacon, or Mozilla’s Open Leadership programs.

Excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrating empathy, engagement and enthusiasm

For additional information about this position or to apply, please visit: EOE