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Over the four years since the organization was founded, Museum Hue has been run by its founders, two young women of color with limited funds and connections, but great ambitions to see museums become equitable. Through perseverance and the support of community members, they have established an online presence and developed a professional network that aims to diversify the field. This, along with our members’ contributions and belief in Museum Hue’s mission have carried the organization to this point.

If you would like join the Museum Hue movement, please support us today by making a tax-deductible donation, and help us continue to diversify and create equity in the museum field. Your contributions will allow us to continue our usual roster of Hueseum tours, Hueniversity workshops, Huesday tweetchats, and Huenity mixers that offer guided experiences, professional development, meaningful dialogue and community that provides career advancement, educational resources, as well as amplifies diverse narratives and perspectives.

We appreciate you!

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