Museum Hue
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Hueniversal Flag

The Hueniversal flag is a visual representation of people of color's work towards advocacy and resistance against racism. Through Museum Hue (an organization which fosters the social cohesion, well-being, and economic impact of the arts) it is used as a statement. The flag disrupts homogeneity of the mainstream art world and combats the omission of creatives of color. The vibrant complexions illustrated represent individuals whose identities are wide-ranging with vast idiosyncratic perspectives, phenotypic features, beliefs, language, gender orientations, and physical abilities. There is an undeniable correlation between racial politics in the United States and the visibility of artists and cultural producers of color in American museums. They play a fundamental role in creating national values and reproducing historical, political and social relationships through their narrative and practice.

Museum Hue navigates through these complexities and injustices of museums to paint a larger portrait of an ever-expanding, transnational, multicultural community of color. The monthly educational experiences offers exploration, investigation, collaboration, and creation. These programs promote museums and other parts of the arts field as a viable career path with vast opportunities. However, structural interventions are needed to dismantle hierarchies to develop more meaningful ways of preserving and interpreting cultural and natural heritage for the general public. As intermediaries Museum Hue also utilize cultural enclaves as a medium to address these issues as well as create solutions for racial equity to shift institutional frameworks. The Hueniversal flag anchors the mission to support those rich in melanin and challenge society’s poverty of imagination.